15 Spring Break Ideas For Families

Trying to make a plan for spring break with the entire family? You aren’t alone. Spring break travel is one of the most popular times for families to get away, according to travel agents.

The best way to guarantee options is by planning in advance.

“It is a busy time to travel, so if you value choices, plan in the fall,” ​Kiki Humes, a family travel advisor with Ciao Bambino told TODAY Parents. “Last-minute planners may be locked out of the best family accommodations or the best located accommodations.”

Nicole Gerber, SmartFlyer travel advisor, agreed.

“The school year is coming to an end, it’s still on the cooler side temperature wise in most parts of the U.S., and many families haven’t been away in a few months and are itching for a trip before potential summer plans,” Gerber said.

Before planning a spring break trip, decide what is important for your family.

“I think it is important (for families) to decide if they want to stay domestic or go international,” Gerber said.

She also recommended parents ask themselves:

  • How much do we want to spend?

  • Are our passports up to date?

  • What type of trip are we looking for — sightseeing, history and culture? Adventure? Or relaxing beach and pool time?

Amy Annis, a Ciao Bambino family travel advisor, added that a smart way to navigate a busy travel season is to think outside the box.

“As spring break is a busy time to travel, consider something off the beaten path,” Annis said.

15 spring break ideas for families

Humes, Gerber and Annis provided spring break ideas for families traveling both domestically and internationally.

“I can’t stress enough how smart it is to be focused on planning your vacation schedule six months to one year in advance and even more for bucket list trips,” Annis said. “The best defense for a seamless trip is a well-organized itinerary.”

8 spring break ideas for families in the U.S.

National Parks



Road trip through California

A destination resort

“Somewhere where the family has a multitude of activities to choose from onsite,” Annis said.

Big city trips

“Like New York City, Boston, New Orleans, Washington D.C. or Charleston,” Humes said.


A late season ski trip

“Depending on when the break falls, it could be right at the tail end of ski season as well,” Gerber said.

7 spring break ideas for families outside the U.S.


“Somewhere with a nice, swimmable beach like Turks & Caicos or The Bahamas,” Annis said.

Costa Rica or Belize

“(Both) would be a trip combining activity in the jungle with time on the coast at leisure,” Humes said.


“In Italy, Rome, Florence and Venice or in Spain — Madrid, Andalusia and Barcelona,” Annis said.

Big city trips

All agents agreed that big city combination trips are a popular choice. Top cities include London, Paris and Lisbon. Combinations include: London and Paris, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, Prague and Vienna



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