2023 Flight Hacks For The Cheapest Airfare, According To Experts

The year is coming to an end, and you’re probably leaning into your wanderlust and brainstorming some new year trips that top your travels in 2022. It’s the perfect time to get started on a fresh travel bucket list and block out your calendar for fun adventures. Booking flights and other travel details ahead of time, whether you’re doing a domestic getaway or hopping across the globe, is always a winning strategy for saving money on expensive tickets, but there are also specific travel hacks backed by travel data that can ensure you get the best deals on airfare — especially when the demand for travel is so high right now. Plan ahead with these 2023 flight hacks for cheap airfare, according to travel experts from Expedia.

You may already be fantasizing about a luxurious tropical getaway over spring break or a romantic tour of Europe in the summer of 2023. Maybe you want to explore a national park for when the fall foliage starts to bloom, or perhaps you’re simply hoping to visit family that lives far from you and want to save a couple hundred dollars along the way. There’s a ton of travel advice on the internet, but it’s hard to tell what’s up to date with so many flight changes and complications in recent years. Travel experts from Expedia collected research from flight travel in 2022 that gives so much insight into booking plane tickets wisely for the smoothest flying experience possible in 2023. Don’t get caught with an inflated ticket price or stranded in the airport waiting on a delayed flight — follow these tips to save major money on cheap flights and avoid stress for your 2023 travel plans.

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1. Book Flights On Sundays

Did you know can actually save a significant amount of money by booking your ticket on a certain day of the week? And no, it’s no longer Tuesday. In 2023, Sunday is the prime day for purchasing the cheapest plane ticket, according to Expedia. Avoid booking on Fridays if possible, because, compared to Sunday, research showed that it can cost you an average of 5% more money on domestic flights, and 15% more internationally. You’d probably rather spend that extra cash on yummy food or exciting excursions at your destination.

2. Here’s When To Book A Domestic Flight

It’s always a good idea to buy plane tickets in advance since fares tend to rise close to the departure date, but you can actually get stuck with a more expensive ticket if you book it too far ahead of time. Flight ticket prices tend to fluctuate during the period they are posted, so it’s important to know the secret sweet spot for landing the best deal. If you’re taking a domestic flight, try book it about a month in advance of your departure day. This can save you 10% off a flight, as opposed to purchasing it just few weeks ahead of time. If you’re looking to book far in advance, note that domestic ticket fares tend to rise around three to six months out from the flight, so wait a bit until booking your seat.

3. Here’s When To Book An International Flight

International airfare requires more long-term planning because it tends to be more expensive and face more complications. If you plan on jet-setting outside of the country, research shows it will be about 10% cheaper to book international flights six months in advance, compared to purchasing a ticket just a few months ahead of time.

4. Schedule Your Departure For Wednesdays

Expedia research found that Wednesday is the cheapest day of the week for flight departures. Booking a domestic trip that leaves in the beginning of the week, like Sunday or Monday, will actually cost you 15% more on average because it’s a convenient point of the week that a lot of travelers tend to choose. This also applies to international airfare, where weekend travel will be about 10% more expensive than departing in the middle of the week.

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5. How To Avoid Flight Delays And Cancellations In 2023

The feeling of finding out your flight is delayed or cancelled can be so disappointing, especially when you’ve been looking forward to your trip for so long and tried to plan everything perfectly. Unpredictable mishaps will always happen at the airport, but you can get ahead of them by selecting flight times that are less prone to frustrating disruptions. Travel experts recommend to schedule flights as early in the day as possible, ideally before 3 p.m., because based on flight status data from 2022, evening or night flights are 50% more likely to be cancelled. Getting held up at your gate and having to sleep in the airport is definitely not the getaway you had in mind.

You can also avoid popular travel seasons when planning your trip to ward off delayed departures. Peak travel periods are often during the summer months, then they slow down for ideal fall air travel. Total flight times also reduce in the springtime by about 40 minutes, so consider taking off in the transitional seasons for quicker, more efficient travel.

6. Set Up Price Alerts

If you’re not ready to book your trip quite yet or you’re waiting for a good deal on a ticket price, you can stay up to date by setting up price alerts on airline websites or travel resources like Expedia. This will notify you when a ticket price is at it’s lowest, which is super convenient, and this way you don’t have to stress about missing an amazing deal. You can also take advantage of perks like the Price Drop Protection program offered on the Expedia app, because if you purchase a plane ticket and the price drops, you will get refunded the difference before you flight. It’s pretty sweet because no matter what, you’ll always end up paying the lowest price possible. It’s also a good idea to sign up for loyalty and frequent flier programs if you haven’t already, to get more bang for your buck by racking up money-saving rewards for the next time you fly.

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