7 Travel Hacks We Learned on TikTok

As summer vacation draws nears and COVID-19 restrictions subside, many of us are making travel plans like we’ve never been past the city limits before. Which is to say, we’re bursting with excitement — and feeling a little rusty about how to prepare for trips to our favorite travel destinations.

Enter TikTok, the video sharing app that has come to define the way so many of us laugh, cook, and learn. And when it comes to fun and valuable tips to help you save money on travel, TikTok is an absolute treasure chest of information.

Here are seven great travel hacks TikTok users recommend that can make travel easier and more enjoyable.

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Don’t waste your precious bag space on air


TikTok travel hack

If airlines have lost your luggage one too many times for you to ever trust them again, TikTok user notsamanthafox has another travel hack to add to your collection. As long as you have access to a vacuum on both ends of your journey, you can avoid baggage claim by ridding your bag of all that unnecessary air space.

In the video, notsamanthafox puts items into a sealed bag before using a vacuum to suck out the excess air, which dramatically shrinks the bag. Don’t forget that you’ll need a vacuum and possibly fresh bags for the return journey as well.

Use Google Flights to score the best deals


TikTok travel hack

Do you ever hear your co-workers’ travel stories and privately wonder how on earth they were able to afford these vacations on what you know is a modest salary? TikTok user zacharyburrabel has the scoop.

Zacharyburrabel teaches viewers how to put the popular search engine’s Google Flights function to work to compare flights based on date, price, and even destination.

While comparison shopping for our travel plans is something most of us feel we ought to do, sometimes it’s just too much work. So the real hack zacharyburrabel offers followers is a shortcut: How to do research that usually takes hours in just a few clicks.

Ask for an upgrade and you just might receive one


TikTok travel hack

This might be the most ingenious hack of all. Do you want to fly with all the amenities of first-class without paying for those luxuries? This travel hack offered by TikTok user nielsen_xo is gutsy, but if you have the stomach for it, you may find yourself with the extra legroom and a complimentary preflight drink simply because you asked for it.

That’s right, as nielsen_xo demonstrates, merely asking for a seat upgrade at the gate may just get you one — no strings or extra fees attached.

Skip the motion sickness


TikTok travel hack

Does flying make you nauseous? Or even worse, actively sick? Former flight attendant and TikTok user weariwandered has a few motion sickness hacks for that.

First, try sitting as close to the front of the plane as possible. The back of the plane generally experiences more turbulence than the front, which doesn’t help when you have an upset stomach.

Second, weariwandered suggests chewing on ginger tablets throughout your flight. Ginger has nausea-reducing properties, which means a can of ginger ale is another great option.

Last, try an acupuncture wristband. You might be skeptical that a $12.50 bracelet can somehow help your stomach, but many travelers swear it’s the cure.

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