9 hacks for packing a suitcase, by a fashion writer.

9. Living simply.

The curated, mobile wardrobe isn’t just about getting on a plane and going on holiday. In a world faced with ongoing and increasing instabilities, we are being encouraged to live more simply. 

The climate crisis and global financial crisis mean we need to cut back. Essentially, in this new world, less is more – but less needs to be quality and sustainable.

Learning how to curate and delegate your wardrobe with intention is a fantastic practise, regardless of whether you’re about to depart on a trip or not. 

So learn from your own packing methods: what are the pieces which you own that you really love and want to wear most? That will tell you what your dream, curated wardrobe should consist of.

The best bit about all of this for me is that I finally feel free. Yes, my rather large, beloved, mostly vintage wardrobe is hanging in a storage unit in suburban Melbourne until I’m back, and I miss it. But one day, soonish, I’ll be home.

Nothing in my wardrobe is set to go out of style anytime soon, the only thing that will change over these next few months is that upon my return to Australia I am sure to be feeling inspired. 

And that’s what travelling is all about. 

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Feature Image: Supplied.

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