Columnist Tom Lounsbury has had some memorable skiing experiences

Winters, here in my Thumb area at least, sure aren’t like they used to be. Last winter, I only had to snowplow my driveway once, and even then, it really didn’t need it. I had hated seeing my snow blade-equipped ATV sitting idle, and I do enjoy plowing snow with it.

Of course, it was during the middle of the recent November deer season that weather reports had me mounting the snow blade on the ATV earlier than normal and fall suddenly turned into winter, at least for a few weeks or so. By mid-December, weather at times became even a bit balmy, and the snow melted and stayed gone, even for most of January.

You know things have changed when truckloads of snow had to be brought down to Frankenmuth from northern Michigan in preparation for the recent Zehnder’s Snowfest. However, winter recently returned with gusto, and Frankenmuth finally got some snow of its own and cold temperatures in the nick of time.

I also had a great time plowing snow, and it looks like I’m going to have to do it again, which works for me! I enjoy an honest to goodness winter, and I’m a bit tired of the drizzly, windy and gloomy weather we’ve been having in December and January. I sure hope February features more sunshine.

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