Disney adventure ongoing for Disney on Ice performer

Disney on Ice is an adventure not just for ticket-holders, but for the show’s troupe of touring performers.

Sam Devroye, 18, is in his rookie season with Disney on Ice, but performers quickly become veterans because of the flurry of shows at tour stops. For instance, “Disney on Ice: Find Your Hero” will be presented seven times at BOK Center starting Friday, Feb. 17 and continuing through Monday, Feb. 20.

“Definitely a lot of experience comes with the job,” Devroye said in a phone interview.

Devroye followed in his sister’s footsteps and began skating when he was 10. At 15, he realized he preferred the performance side of skating over competitive skating. Participating in shows like Nutcracker on Ice led him to the idea of auditioning for Disney on Ice.

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“Absolutely,” he said. “My family is still a very big Disney family. We used to go quite often to Disney World whenever we could. That was kind of the only place we vacationed to, I would say.”

Devroye said it was a mix of excitement and nerves when he tried out for Disney on Ice.

“I had always been 110 percent sure that this is what I wanted to do,” he said. “It’s just I wanted to be able to prove myself and prove what I can do. I think I have been extremely grateful to have this opportunity.”

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An obvious benefit of being on the Disney on Ice talent roster is getting to see the world.

“That definitely is one of the very big positives,” he said, adding that his East Coast-based family didn’t travel much. “Just to be able to travel across the U.S. is a really great experience, but just another positive of it, I would say, is to meet so many different people from so many different cultures and backgrounds, as well. We have a lot of different countries represented on ‘Disney on Ice: Find Your Hero,’ and that’s kind of throughout the entire company. Just to see so many different countries and cultures be brought together for the same thing, we are all sharing the same passion. That is one of the biggest positives.”

Devroye was asked to specify the coolest thing he has seen or done while traveling with Disney On Ice. He has always been interested in Chicago and, on days off from a tour stop in nearby Rockford, Illinois, he was able to make a side trip to Chicago, which he said lived up to expectations.

Devroye, an ensemble skater, can be seen in many parts of the show when he makes his first trip to Tulsa, including a high-energy opening number and production numbers that follow.

There are multiple Disney on Ice shows. “Disney on Ice: Find Your Hero” makes use of Disney lore and characters from the likes of “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Moana” and “Frozen.”

“I would say the biggest takeaway I have from the show is it’s all about self-discovery and everybody should embrace their inner hero,” Devroye said “That’s what we try to portray throughout our show.”

Tickets are available at bokcenter.com and disneyonice.com.



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