EasyJet Releases Tiktok Video Tutorial On Sick Bag Travel Hack

A recent Tiktok video uploaded by easyJet has gone viral as a female cabin crew member is filmed demonstrating an impressive tutorial on latest travel hack. The clip, which has majorly impressed viewers, shows the flight attendant miraculously using a plane sick bag in more ways than one.

It all started with a sick bag

In the easyJet video tutorial, the attendant depicts how a plane sick bag can be used by passengers as a phone holder, giving passengers the pleasure of a free hands relaxed experience.  Two weeks ago, the trend had been brought to light by makeup artist Lielle MUA, who recorded herself on an easyJet flight impressively securing a sick bag onto the plane tray table. The Tiktok first shows the makeup artist place the sick airplane bag in between her phone and phone case, then she “opens the tray table” and inserts the other half of the bag in it which can be secured with the table lock, creating a phone holder. Since the video was released it has received a total of 11.5 million views and has been recreated by a great number of easyJet passengers. It appears as if easyJet have used Lielle’s video as an opportunity to jump onto the craze, by creating their own video tutorial on the clever hack on their page.

Flight attendant demonstrates travel hack in easyjet video tutorial
easyJet cabin crew member demonstrates how simple yet effective the hack is for viewers in Tiktok video © express

easyJet’s Cabin Services Director, Tina Milton, has released a statement about the airline’s stance on the latest craze.

“Our crew goes the extra mile to make sure our passengers have an enjoyable flight and so they have been inspired to create our very own inflight demonstration video to show how to recreate this creative hack, and reveal other ways customers can enjoy their in-flight entertainment after take-off, as well as helping to reduce waste by kindly leaving the bags for the next passengers on board.”

Though easyJet’s video tutorial has primarily caused excitement amongst viewers who have been ready to put this video to the test, the airline has received some backlash from worried customers who have highlighted that this trend ignores safety precautions.  A nervous customer has shared his concerns in easyJet’s video tutorial’s comments that the trend could cause sick bags to develop holes in them resulting in a difficult experience for passengers who may suffer from travel sickness. However, easyJet has previously stated that on board most of their aircraft they do have table phone holders so not all passengers need to use a bag at all.

This latest trend is an exciting one to put the test that offers passengers guaranteed comfortability when engaging with entertainment on board their flights.

Have you ever used this hack before? If so, leave your experience below, we would love to hear from you! 

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