Everyone’s saying the same thing about hack for plane travel – and it’ll make flying a lot more comfy

THIS very simple travel hack for sitting in the aisle seat of a plane could make a big difference to your journey.

Love it or loathe it, if you are planning a trip abroad usually the quickest and easiest way to do that is to hop on a plane.

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This small hack could make a big difference to your next flightCredit: instagram/@dreambigwithus_

Unless you are lucky enough to be able to jump on a private jet, or upgrade yourself to business class , most of us will find ourselves squeezed in to our seat spending most of the flight trying not elbow our neighbour as we reach for our G&T.

And for those who are that little bit taller the whole experience can sometimes just be a deeply uncomfortable and unpleasant one.

If that is the case you might want to try out for this helpful hack the next time you are jetting off on your hols.

Instagram account Dreambigwithus posted this useful tip for tall travellers, and it is quite a simple trick.

The video shows that to make your journey a little more comfortable, most aircraft now have headrests that not only fold in to cushion your head but also shift up.

By remembering to make this small adjustment it could make it much easier to rest your neck and head if you are that little bit taller.

The short clip also shows a hidden button underneath the aisle seat armrest.

The button allows you to lift up the armrest, making it much easier to get in and out of your seat, also giving you that extra little bit of space to stretch out into the aisle.

So the next time you are travelling be sure not to forget to try out these two easy hacks that could make your journey a much more relaxing experience.

Look out for this hidden button underneath the armrest of the aisle seat


Look out for this hidden button underneath the armrest of the aisle seatCredit: instagram/@dreambigwithus_

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