Flight attendant praised for ‘perfect’ hack for hotel rooms

A flight attendant has shared some of her go-to travelling tips, which includes leaving a shoe in a hotel room safe when she arrives.

Esther Sturrus, who works for Dutch airline KLM, frequently posts hotel-locker-shoe-hack-b2318212.html” data-ylk=”slk:videos on TikTok;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “>videos on TikTok about her life as a flight attendant, along with advice for fellow travellers. In a video posted to her account in December, Sturrus offered some travel hacks when staying at a hotel.

In her video montage, she specified one tip for people who like to make sure they have everything when checking out of their hotel rooms

“Worried about forgetting something in your locker?” she wrote in the text over the clip. “Put your heel/ shoe in it and you won’t forget it!”

Sturrus continued to show herself placing a blue heel in the hotel’s safe, before closing the locked box.

In the comments of the video, which has more than 1.2m views, many TikTok uses praised Sturrus’ shoe idea.

“Hotel shoe hack, great idea,” one wrote, while another added: “The shoe reminder is perfect.”

Other viewers poked fun at what could happen if travellers forgot their shoes in the safe, one of which wrote: “If I get single shoes from safes in 3000 rooms in the lost and found, I’m gonna be upset because of this lol.”

Along with the shoe hack, some of the other tips Sturrus shared were: Using the clips on the bottom of the hotel hangers to fully close the curtains and plugging a USB cable into a TV to charge a phone.

She also pointed out two ways for travellers to use the shower caps in the hotel room. One way is to “cover shoes” when putting them in a suitcase and another was to cover remote controls that are “dirty”.

Sturrus went on to note that while many people use their key to power the electricity in their room, they don’t always have to.

“You can use all other cards for this,” she wrote.

Viewers praised some of these tips, one of which commented: “The hanger! thank you, I hate the light in the room at 6am and as a man I don’t have the girls’ accessories.”

“Wow! These are really cool ideas…. Thanks for sharing!” another added.

The Independent has contacted Struss for comment.

Sturrus isn’t the first flight attendant to share her tips when travelling. During an interview with tips-hacks-packing-trick-clothes-pouches-aqua-shoes-exclusive” data-ylk=”slk:Express in March 2022;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “>Express in March 2022, flight attendant Miguel Muñoz shared some of his “life-changing” packing tips.

“It’s always better to have less than more in any kind of trip,” he said. “For example, if you realise you will be needing one extra T-shirt on the last day of the trip, you can always wash one in the hotel.”

He also detailed how travellers can make more room in their suitcases, explaining: “I think clothes pouches are definitely the best way to pack your clothes. It may seem silly but you can fit more clothes in your suitcase than without these. It’s better than vacuum packing.”

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