Flight attendant says use a coat hanger on your door to stay safe in a hotel room

Cici is a seasoned flight attendant who travels internationally as a part of her job and uses social media to showcase her best tips on how to travel in a “safe, efficient and stress-free” way. Her recent travel hack has gone viral on Tiktok with over 2.4 million views and over 200,000 likes.

Cici has recently explained the precautions she takes when staying at a new hotel, and has shared her hacks to ensure her audience feels safe while travelling. She learned the simple checks from people in the industry, and learned how to stay vigilant from her father.

She explained: “My military father raised me and my sisters to be situationally aware and vigilant where ever we are. I have raised my daughters the same way. We don’t live in fear, we are cautious.”

Cici explained she begins every hotel stay with a series of security hacks and that these safety tips take “under a minute” to do. The flight has figured out a way to keep herself from anyone trying to break into her hotel room. She said hotel rooms can be easily accessed as hotel handles are designed to unlock the privacy lock when pulled due in case of a fire.

Cici’s solution is hangers that can be found in a hotel closet. She places one hanger on the latch at the top of the hotel room door, while a second hanger is hooked onto the first hanger but is secured onto the door handle.

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Cici also said that when your leave the hotel room, make sure the television is on, presumably to ensure no one will try to break in to look for valuables if they think someone is in the room. She explained: “When I leave my room, I leave my TV on with the volume up, not loud enough to disturb people, just a normal volume I would watch my TV on.”

In the comment section, Cici’s audience also shared their own personal safety tips to ensure they feel secure while travelling.

One commentator said: “Whenever I leave/return to my [hotel] room I say ‘Be right back!’ Or ‘I’m back!’ Regardless if there’s anyone in the hall, gives the illusion I’m not alone.”

Another user said: “I always book as a couple even if I’m single, I just add my brother’s name.”

However, someone else said it was important to always check hotel windows as well as they were once on the ground floor and discovered they were unlocked.

Cici replied: “That’s a great tip, we generally don’t stay on the ground floor, but if there’s a patio or any windows I do check. I have found them unlocked.”

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