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One flight attendant named Esther from the hit TikTok account @esthersturrus has shared her useful hacks to make life easier while travelling. Esther is a cabin crew member for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and has stayed in hundreds of hotel rooms so she knows the best tips and tricks for getting the best experience out of your accommodation.

Esther had made two viral Tiktok videos with over 1.3 million views explaining her top tips while staying in a hotel. The flight attendant used a series of captions to pop music to doll out her advice.

Her first tip is for anyone who needs total darkness in order to get a good night’s rest. Esther wrote: “Are your curtains not closing properly? Use a coat hanger.”

She then proceeded to clip the curtains together using a hanger designed for a coat. The flight attendant turned the hanger sideways and then gave a thumbs up to the camera to show the curtains were not completely closed and no light could escape into the room.

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Esther also has a handy trick for those who need to charge their phone but their travel plug has broken. She explained you can simply take the USB cable and plug it into the TV.

For those worried about keeping their clothes clean while packing their shoes, Esther has a shower cap hack. She showed herself with a series of free shower caps she had gotten from the hotel and proceeded to use them to cover her shoes before putting them in her luggage.

The flight attendant also showed herself using a shower cap to cover the hotel’s remote control for the television. She explained that she uses this hygienic tip as hotel television remotes can be “dirty”.

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Esther also showed the standard cardboard cups seen in many hotel bathrooms to keep your toothbrush in. She wrote: “Does your cardboard cup also tip over? Put it the other way around and poke your toothbrush through it!” as she explained that hotel washbasins can be “not hygienic”.

Another bathroom trick Esther has discovered is for those needing to get ready in a hurry. She explained that if the mirror steams up and you then use it in a hurry, you can use a blow dryer. She wrote: “Blow dry where necessary and it’s gone in no time.”

The flight attendant also had a convenient and quick way to get clothes looking “like new again” after a long day of travelling. She wrote: “Are your clothes wrinkled? Hang your clothes in the bathroom while showering!” After the clothes were steamed she then proceeded to use a dry wash spray on them to make the clothes look fresh and ready for the next day.

In the comment section, many people thanked Esther for her advice, as one person wrote “flight attendants are the real MVPs!”

Another person said the video was “one of the most useful videos for travelling”. Someone else for happy to learn one new trick, and wrote “The hanger tip is a lifesaver! Thank you, I hate light in the room at 6am”

One other enthusiastic commentator said: “The hanger for the drapes is GENIUS” while someone else said: “I’ve never heard of the shower cap tip before – I really like it!”

Someone else claiming to also be a flight attendant said: “The shower cap idea is something we flight attendants have been doing forever. Shower caps can also be good to cover leftovers as well.”

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