Fuel saving driving hacks to save on petrol and diesel this bank holiday weekend

Experts predict a surge in traffic this weekend, as motorists travel to visit family. However, with fuel prices remaining higher than they were before Russia invaded Ukraine, experts are urging drivers to try out some hacks that could save them petrol or diesel. Some of these include shutting windows and making combined journeys. 

Will Bullen from Car Lease Special Offers said: “We know a lot of people are looking to save money right now and these simple hacks are a great way to cut costs at the petrol pump.

“Smooth acceleration and braking are the obvious ones, but we also recommend anticipating traffic lights and slow-moving traffic, rather than flooring it between each stop.

“Only small adjustments can have a positive impact on both your fuel consumption and bank balance.”

1. Watch the weight of the vehicle 

Experts urged drivers to remove any unnecessary items from the car before travelling. 

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If motorists are carrying a roof box or a bike rack they are advised to take them down once they reach their destination. 

According to experts, removing 50kg of weight could reduce a car’s fuel consumption by one to two percent. 

2. Shut the windows

Driving with open windows affects the car’s aerodynamics, meaning that motorists waste more fuel. 

It is recommended that when driving at over 40mph all windows should be shut. At lower speeds, however, it does not have a considerable effect. 

6. Turn off the air con 

Using air conditioning or turning on the heating will have a detrimental effect on a car’s fuel efficiency as it requires more engine power. 

The experts added: “This is especially true if you are travelling at low speeds. If it is a particularly warm day, it’s recommended to use the air conditioning on a low setting over opening the window, as the effect on your fuel consumption is less.”

7. Check tyre pressure 

Possibly the most obvious fuel-saving tip is checking the tyre pressure. Underinflated tyres will create more resistance leading to the vehicle burning more fuel. 

Motorists are advised to check tyre pressure once a month, not only to save on fuel but also to avoid a £2,500 fine. 

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