Google ‘cheat code’ can help you find the cheapest flights anywhere in the world

A GOOGLE ‘cheat code’ has been revealed that will help you find the cheapest flights ANYWHERE in the world.

This nifty hack can show holidaymakers the best deals across the globe – and it only takes a few seconds.

Hundreds of cheap flights will appear across the world map


Hundreds of cheap flights will appear across the world mapCredit: Tiktok /@aroundtheatlas

The trick was shared in a video posted on TikTok by”>@aroundtheatlas, and viewers went wild for the simple process.

She told her followers: “Okay guys, I need to show you something. Go onto Google and type in Google flights and click on it.”

Then users will have to select their destination, but you can choose an “Anywhere” option that brings up flights everywhere – from the UK to Singapore.

The content creator also reminded people to opt for the “Round Trip” filter to make sure prices reflect the return ticket too.

Once your information has been entered, price tags pop up across the world map showing huge discounts.

“Does anyone else know about this? because I feel like the world is gatekeeping how insane this is,” she added.

“So, literally it gives you flight prices for ridiculous prices like £26 return flights to Barcelona or we can even go over here, £34 return flight to Vienna, £54 to Budapest.

“Even if you wanted to go long haul, like if you go over to the US, £336 to fly to New York and if you go onto it, it gives you the dates so this is from the 16th of Feb to the 25th, so like a week.

“£336 round trip. And like guys I’m not joking it gives you it for the whole world like £507 to Singapore.”

People were stunned by the hack and flooded the comment section with their shock.

One user penned: “That’s the only way how I find tickets for the past couple of years. They also have great tracking prices and price predictions.”

“Thank you, I didn’t know this,” said another amazed viewer.

“I didn’t know that, you just unlocked the whole world for me! Thank you,” agreed a third.

Someone else wrote: “I check this every week it’s life changing.”

“Fun little hack,” commented another, while one wrote, “this is going to change my life”.

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Select 'Anywhere' to see international holiday options


Select ‘Anywhere’ to see international holiday optionsCredit: Tiktok /@aroundtheatlas
People were amazed at the useful website


People were amazed at the useful websiteCredit: Tiktok /@aroundtheatlas

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