Hotel guest is ridiculed for their clever shower ‘travel hack’

SOCIAL media is awash with travel hacks these days, but some are considerably more useful than others.

A woman has become a target of fun on TikTok for what she claims was a clever use of hotel towels.

Allison used the hotel towel as a makeshift bathmat


Allison used the hotel towel as a makeshift bathmatCredit: Tiktok/allykatt_dancediva

In a video, the TikToker called Allison tried to show everyone what the small towel in a hotel should actually be used for.

The footage shows Allison unrolling her small towel in front of her hotel shower, before laying it out on the floor, ready to be stood on post-wash.

It is accompanied by the text: “Y’all know what this towel is really for in hotels!

“Cause who really puts their barefoot on those floors???”

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However, other users weren’t convinced her makeshift bathmat was really much of a hidden trick at all.

One person argued: “It’s not a hack. That’s its intended purpose. Today you learned.”

Allison still insisted that it was actually a hand towel that she was repurposing, rather than just using it as it was intended.

She replied: “You do realise that this is actually the hand’s not its true purpose hun. That would be a bath mat!”

Nevertheless, others were not persuaded and said that Allison was simply using it properly.

One wrote: “As a former hotel housekeeper, that is the actual purpose of that towel.”

Another argued: “They are cotton bath mats not hand towels.”

Regardless of whether or not Allison’s tip was a good one, there were one or two people who revealed they had been using the towels completely incorrectly.

One explained: “I used to wipe my face with those.”

Another added: “I remembered my friend wiping his face using this towel and it felt rough. When he checked the towel, the wording said ‘welcome’.”

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Allison was told her hack was just her using the towel for its intended purposeCredit: Getty

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