I’m a packing expert… easy dry cleaning hack is the key for perfect luggage – and it’s completely FREE

A PACKING expert has revealed a free and easy dry-cleaning hack that will leave you with perfect luggage.

Lydia Mansel shared her top tips that could make preparing for your next holiday a total breeze.

A pro packer shared her top tips on how to decrease the number of wrinkles in your clothes while travelling


A pro packer shared her top tips on how to decrease the number of wrinkles in your clothes while travellingCredit: Getty

The pro packer advises travellers to keep the large plastic bags their clothes come home in from the dry cleaners – as they could prove to be handy for future holidays.

Instead of lugging a travel steamer around, Mansel recommends storing delicate items such as cotton and linen in the plastic sleeve.

Items made from silk, wool, denim, and cashmere are less likely to wrinkle so these can be placed straight into your travel bag.

The packing expert says travellers should fold each piece of clothing as usual and place it inside a bag before stuffing it into their suitcase of a duffel bag.


This works because the bags will slide against each other, meaning cotton t-shirts and flowy linen garments won’t get stuck together and messily creased in transit.

And if the simplicity of this hack wasn’t enough – the best part, is that it’s completely free.

But if you don’t have a dry-cleaning bag, then bin bags and liners work just as well – as long as they’re unscented.

Although this hack is not 100 per cent fool-proof, it will substantially reduce the number and severity of creases in your holiday garments.

If you can’t find any plastic bags either, then even tissue paper can prevent your pieces from becoming littered with creases before your travels.

Layering your clothes with sheets of the thin paper will also stop them from rubbing against each other.

The pro packer dished out another tip which involves loosely rolling delicate items instead of folding them in the standard way.

Placing them on the top or outer portions of your travel bag of choice will also apply less pressure to the garments.

One final tip is to unpack your outfits as soon as you arrive.

This means your clothes will stay folded and rolled for less time, resulting in fewer number of wrinkles.

These packing hacks aren’t the only ones out there, as a bizarre tip involving a coathanger left holidaymakers divided.

Travel expert Taylor Popik said the trick will stop your clothes creasing when you pack them.

Another mum revealed her “genius” packing hack that makes travelling with kids so much easier – and it costs just £6.

She shared a step-by-step guide on TikTok on what to do as she instructed people to get their hands on a shoe organiser. 

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