I’m a travel expert – you can avoid overweight baggage fees this summer with simple pillow hack

WITH summer on the horizon, holidaymakers will be looking forward to travelling to warmer climates.

Summer 2023 is shaping up to be one of the most popular times for planning a getaway following Covid restrictions over the past few years.

A travel expert has revealed a trick for saving luggage space


A travel expert has revealed a trick for saving luggage spaceCredit: Alamy

But many are also looking to bag a bargain in the face of the ongoing cost of living crisis.

So-called “baggage tax” means often a flight that appears cheap costs much more – simply because you add the cost of luggage on later.

New data reveals Brits have racked up excess baggage fees of over £490 million in 2022 alone.

One travel expert has revealed tips for avoiding raising your travel costs with pricey luggage charges – including a simple pillow hack.

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Founder and managing director of Panache Cruises James Cole said: “Airlines are always pursuing new revenue opportunities and charging extra for baggage has proved to be profitable.

“Some airlines regularly change their bag and weight limits which can catch people out. When this happens the changes can still catch ‘none the wiser’ holidaymakers out several years later.

“With a little bit of imagination, there are many hacks that holiday-goers can try to sneak a little extra on board without paying any more.

“From packing clothing within a pillowcase to using duty-free bags to sneak in extras, travellers who want to keep costs down when travelling have some inventive options.

“It is easy to overpack and fill bags to the brim, so holidaymakers should think twice about what they truly need because there is no worse start to a holiday than unexpected and unwanted charges.”

Pillow it up

Clothes take up a large amount of space in your suitcase – but this simple trick will help you avoid stuffing your bags while still having plenty of summer outfits to choose from.

Fill a pillowcase with soft clothes, and bring it as a pillow to use for a kip on the plane.

Many travellers have successfully used this trick to avoid fees for overweight baggage after a flight attendant revealed the secret on a viral TikTok.

Utilise duty free bags

Duty free bags can be brought on flights without being counted as extra luggage.

Travellers can layer up in clothes to go through security, and then strip down to something more comfortable after making a little purchase in one of the airport shops.

This is also a great method for getting more liquids on board.

Travel in the heaviest clothing

One of the oldest tricks in the book involves wearing all your heaviest items when you board the plane.

Holidaymakers will make more room in their case by wearing their chunky trainers and heavy coats while travelling, and can exchange the warmer items for summer clothes from their suitcase once under sunnier skies.

Travellers can also use the pockets of their bulky clothing to stash more items if they are still concerned about the weight of the case.

Invest in a Travel Vest

Wearable luggage, which offers a multitude of pockets to cram in small items, is a great investment for frequent flyers who don’t want to pay extra for baggage.

The lightweight items are incredibly functional.

Travellers can use them to safely store valuables and gadgets on their person.

Layer up

Although sometimes impractical, layering up is a great way to free up baggage space.

No one will ever know how many bikinis and summer clothes you have layered beneath your bulkier travel clothes.

While slightly uncomfortable, for those desperate to travel cheaply, this is definitely an option.

Invest in the best travel bag

Airlines can be very strict about the size and weight of hand luggage and suitcases.

Investing in a lightweight bag can help travellers pack in heavier items.

There are also many viral hand luggage bags which have been made popular by social media.

These fit the specific measurements of each airline’s policy.

Scrap the toiletries

Toiletries are very heavy, so to avoid excess baggage charges, it is a good idea to buy them all on arrival at your destination.

Whatever they can buy at home, travellers should be able to buy abroad.

Often toiletries are also cheaper in countries like Spain or Portugal, so holiday goers can save extra cash.

Save space for souvenirs

Bringing home a memento from various parts of the world is a big part of many people’s travel experiences.

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Planning for the extra additions to luggage for the trip home is an integral part of the packing process.

Otherwise holiday-goers can risk a hefty charge on the way home.

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