I’m a travel fan and here’s my brilliant Ryanair baggage hack that works perfectly – I fit so many clothes in

A TRAVELLING fan has revealed an amazing Ryanair baggage hack – and it worked perfectly.

Avoiding excess baggage fees is one great way to keep holiday costs low, but it can be tricky, especially on budget airlines that are strict about carry-ons.

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A travel fan has revealed her amazing Ryanair baggage hackCredit: Social Media Collect
It will save you money


It will save you moneyCredit: Social Media Collect

However, passenger Ellen has shared how she manages to pack everything she needs, without paying to check luggage in.

Ellen, who posts on TikTok under the username @ellen.cleary, has shared her amazing travel hack.

Firstly, she recommended getting your cabin sized bags from decathlon.

Then using a vacuum seal bag, she packed 8 t-shirts, 3 jorts and 4 boxers into one bag and 7 shorts along with 3 dresses into another.

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Next, Ellen got her portable vacuum that works using an android charger.

Then attaching the portable vacuum cleaner to the bag, the TikToker sucks the air out of the airlock bag.

And once the bag is air tight, she simply slides it into a carry on bag.

The ingenious hack allowed the travel fan to dodge lengthy bag check-ins, while saving her a tonne of cash in the process.

Ellen even has enough space to put even more clothes into the backpack.

Meanwhile, holiday costs are going up, but a lot of people are paying much more than they need to be, especially at airports.

Whether it’s on their luggage, their currency or even their boarding passes, holidaymakers end up paying for things they really don’t need to every day.

In fact, recent data shows that 34 per cent of people get hit with airport charges that they could avoid by planning their visits a little better.

That’s why savings expert Lucinda O’Brien from Money.co.uk has put together some quick and easy travel tips to help passengers be money savvy when travelling abroad.

Firstly, you should print or download your boarding pass.


It’s such a simple thing, but printing or downloading your boarding pass could save you as much as €20, depending on who you’re flying with.

Lucinda said: “If you forget to bring your boarding card, your airline could make you pay for the privilege of printing it for you.

“Ryanair charges a €20 boarding pass reissue fee if you arrive at the airport without your printed boarding pass.”

Next, weigh your luggage before you leave home.

The is one of the most common ways in which people get stung at the airport – when they really don’t need to and could cost you as much as €70.

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Lucinda explained: “You could also get charged if your luggage exceeds the allowance.

“Weighing your baggage before you leave the house will give you the time to take some bits out or add some stuff to your hand luggage so your case stays under the weight limit. 

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