I’m a travel pro and these 5 hacks will save you money on a theme park holiday

TRAVEL experts have shared their top five money-saving hacks for people planning a theme park holiday.

Irish American holiday website Tour America has shared their top five tips for booking a theme park holiday.

Tour America have shared their advice


Tour America have shared their advice


Their first tip is to buy tickets for the theme park in advance and they also suggest purchasing them as part of your holiday package.

They said: “Purchase your tickets in advance before you travel. This will ensure that you get the best price possible. If you are booking with a travel agent or tour operator then you can also book these as part of your holiday package.”

Their second hack is to plan your trip before you go.

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They said: “Sit down with your family and discuss what parks you want to visit. With so many theme parks, it can be tricky to agree.

“But, taking the time to run through what each park offers will ensure you are visiting the parks that meet the needs of your family.”

The travel experts added: “Having a plan means you can book your tickets before you travel, which will save you money in the long

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The American travel pros also recommend buying all the tickets for each theme park you wish to visit together as many theme parks offer bundle deals.

They said: “The likes of Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando
resort give great rates to overseas customers when you purchase the tickets together.”


They also say that you should keep your eyes peeled for flash sales as this is a great way to save on your holiday.

They said: “Throughout the year, certain theme parks will run annual ticket and one-day ticket sales online, so it’s worth keeping an eye online for those flash sales.”


And if your really want to save some good money on your holiday they suggest booking during an off season period.

They said: “Be strategic with your travel dates. If you’re able to go during a less conventional time, then that’s always good for saving

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“However, if your only option is over the summer, then you can still be strategic with when exactly you go.

“For example, early August tends to be less crowded than mid-July and you may be able to take advantage of slightly cheaper tickets.”

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