iPhone user’s travel hack goes VIRAL, you can’t miss this VIDEO

This short text message is all it takes to use a little-known iPhone hack that will revolutionise the way you travel forever. The exploit enables flight tracking through the iPhone’s messaging app and includes all the information you’d want to share with loved ones.

Instagram users Jade and Ryan, who go by @live_thedash, posted their iPhone travel trick a few months ago.

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Having the name of the airline and the flight number is all that’s required, as Jade demonstrates in the video. These two items are then combined in a text message and sent on their way.

By clicking on the flight number in the message, it will take you and the recipient directly to a page where you may monitor the flight‘s progress in real time. The flight specifics will include the delay status, flight length, and terminal information necessary for baggage claim.

The plane’s current location in the sky is shown on a map. It’s truly that easy of a hack, and it’ll let your loved ones know that you’ve landed safely or that they don’t need to hurry to the airport to pick you up when you get back.

Australian carriers including Virgin Australia, Qantas, and Jetstar may use it. On the other hand, Android phones don’t seem to be compatible with this function. Before the pair posted their film in May, not many people knew about the technique.

As one person did point out, you could utilise Google to look for flight times and prices. In addition to local and international flights, most airports also display arrival and departure times.

The internet is rife with helpful tips for vacationing. Using another Apple gadget, a lady was able to track down her misplaced bags.

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