Looking for travel hacks for the upcoming holiday season? We got you

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – Travel company Expedia just dropped some important holiday travel hacks in light of the upcoming season!

Early Wednesday morning, Expedia dropped its 2023 Air Travel Hacks Report to help travels understand what to look forward to this season such as what days are best for ticket buying, finding the best rates for your family, how to best avoid delays and cancellations, and much more.

A few of the reports’ best tips are as follows:

  • Book airfare on a Sunday to save up to 15%. Travelers who book on Sundays instead of Fridays typically save around 5% on domestic and 15% on international flights.
  • Book a month before domestic flights and six months before international flights to save 10%. Travelers who booked around those timeframes saved around 10% on average compared to those who booked last minute.
  • Schedule yourself to leave before 3 p.m. to reduce chance of cancellations. Flights that leave after 3 p.m. have a 50% higher chance on average of being delayed than those that depart earlier in the day.
  • Leave on a Wednesday to save 15%. Avoid leaving between Saturday through Monday to starts a trip.
  • Plan using price alerts on various booking apps to compare the best discounts

“This report and Expedia’s new Price Tracking and Predictions feature on the app do more than save people money,” said Jon Gieselman, president of Expedia Brands. “It’s about the time savings and peace of mind that comes with knowing you have machine learning informing your booking decisions and a tool at your fingertips that does the work of price tracking for you.”

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