Man reveals cheap packing hack when flying with hand luggage and people love it

A MAN has revealed the very clever way he packs his backpack to keep his clothes neat and tidy while he’s travelling.

For any holidaymakers and backpackers who feel disorganised when travelling with a rucksack, one man has come to the rescue with his clever travel tip.

A man has revealed the very clever way he packs his backpack


A man has revealed the very clever way he packs his backpackCredit: Tik Tok

Ayeisha and Keith share their holiday adventures, including interrail adventures with their young family, on their TikTok channel, babies_and_backpacks.

When the mum and dad are holidaying with their young children, they revealed that they use a hanging storage net to keep their clothes organised.

While these nets are often used to keep toys tidy at home, the couple have found an unusual use for them.

In a recent video, Keith stood in front of the camera with a large rucksack at his feet.

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From the top of the backpack he pulled out the hanging net and showcased layer and layer of clothes, which were all kept neat and tidy.

In the caption of the video, the pair said: “[Here is a] simple but effective way to organise all your clothes in your backpack, if your always on the go.

“This was how we organised our clothes for our family of (then) 3 people for our interrail trip with one backpack.”

The dad took to the comments and explained how he’d hang the net on a hanger, edge of a wardrobe or a curtain rail to see the items as they travelled.

He wrote: “It’s very easy to get the net back into the rucksack too.”

The video has been viewed more than 450,000 times and users praised the packing hack in the comments.

One person wrote: “Honestly, a game changer.”

Another added: “This is so smart.”

They wont cost much either, with them on sale on Amazon or Ikea for around £6.

Packing cubes are another well-loved packing hack because they keep your outfits organised in your suitcase.

A clever packing hack called the “overnight burrito” means you will always have a fresh t-shirt and underwear in case your suitcase is lost when flying.

Here are some of the other packing tips we’ve rounded up before you next go on holiday.

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A man uses a hanging storage net to pack his backpackCredit: Getty

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