Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure tasks players with finding Cupid to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Wonderland

With just a few hours to go for Valentine’s Day, Wonderland is preparing a massive celebration of love on Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure. The White Queen and little Ally have got most things in order but it looks like the most important piece of the puzzle is still missing. Cupid, the god of love himself has gone missing and it’s impossible to host the party without him.

Cupid’s disappearance has left both Alice and the White Queen perplexed. Why would he disappear on such an important day? Their search led them to Cupid’s arrow and bow, one shot from which could make any couple fall in love. This did mean that he was nearby yet no one could find him.

Ally came up with the theory that Cupid was probably feeling lonely himself since his job only involves making others express their affection. Maybe everyone had forgotten Cupid on the day he works the most. Hence, Wonderland’s dynamic duo decided to show some love to the god of love himself.

So, here’s the job – players must help Alice collect gifts for Cupid himself. This includes a box of chocolates, a bunch of roses, and an adorable teddy bear. Although these sound like cliched items, Cupid is probably getting them for the first time. In addition to this, Ally’s grandparents will tell everyone their own love story as players gather these gifts.

All we can hope after this is that Cupid is moved by the story and enjoys the gifts. Only then can all of Wonderland celebrate Valentine’s Day. The event goes live on February 14th and players can export numerous rewards to come their way, including a Cupid decoration and a Flower Girl outfit for Alice.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Wonderland by downloading Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure now for free using your preferred link below.

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