On Your Side: Budget hacks for ‘revenge travel’ summer

On Your Side: Travel budget hacks

On Your Side: Travel budget hacks


Summer travel is expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels this year. It’s also shaping up to be a pricey season, with airfare and lodging costs soaring. Here are some tips on how to make it more affordable.

People are calling this the summer of “revenge travel,” where pent-up demand post-pandemic has consumers itching to get out of town.

Overall travel costs are expected to be at least 15-percent more expensive than they were pre-pandemic. The demand for travel is one reason prices are going up. Also, high fuel prices and limited airline capacity.

We spoke with Trae Bodge, who is a smart-shopping expert at TrueTrae.com about how to save money in this inflated travel market.

“If you do happen to have flexibility with your destination, I like to look for multiple destinations and choose the one that has the best airfare,” said Bodge. “Make sure that you’re comparing prices not only at a travel aggregator but also directly with the airline. You might find differences there.”

  • Check sites like Hopper and Google Flights that will tell you when to book when you input your destination and dates. It’s also cheaper to fly mid-week.
  • For lodging, Bodge says vacation rentals are more budget-friendly. And you can eat at home versus eating out, saving cash that way too.
  • Check your credit card points. You may have rewards that have been sitting there since the shutdown that you’ve forgotten about.
  • Look for package deals so you can save on your activities and rental car by bundling everything.
  • And save now to travel later. Give up your daily Starbucks or eating out during the work week and stash that cash. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up.
  • It’s also typically more budget-friendly to drive versus flying, even with gas prices where they are.

And Trae Bodge pointed out, when you drive to your location you can make stops along the way and see more places than you would if you flew to your destination.

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