Ryanair joke they’ll start charging passengers over popular travel baggage hacks

RYANAIR’S infamous TikTok account has joked that the company will start charging customers for using popular baggage hacks.

The airline’s TikTok account follows online trends and creates entertaining content that never steers on the side of caution.

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Ryanair joked they will start charging passengers for trying out baggage hacks
They listed their potential charges


They listed their potential charges

Recently, baggage hacks have been popping up online where airline passengers have been sharing their ultimate hacks to get a much baggage on board as possible without paying any extra charges.

These hacks include taking the filling out of a neck pillow and replacing it with clothes.

Another hack involves wearing multiple layers of clothes on the flight.

A third tip is to fill a travel pillow with extra clothes.

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Posting about the growing popularity of these travel hacks Ryanair joked saying they will start charging passengers for attempting these tricks.

Captioning their video they wrote: “We can and we will.”

They then added in a list of charges that may apply.

They said: “Neck pillow: €5.

Most read in The Irish Sun

“Triple layers: €17.50.

“Carry-on pillow: €24.99.

“Emotional baggage €0.00.”

Followers in the comments were amused but some warned they would stop using the airline if they did begin charging passengers for attemptio=ng any of the hacks.

One person wrote: “Okay I’m avoiding Ryanair from now on.”

Someone else said: “I can’t tell if this is satire or not…”

Another added: “Don’t you dare.”

Someone else commented: “Not flying with you anymore.”

Meanwhile, Ryanair passengers were left stunned after they landed in the wrong country – 250 miles from where they went to be.

The Ryanair flight from Dublin was bound for Faro in Portugal, only to be forced to divert to Malaga in Spain.

Due to the air traffic control strike, the flight missed its curfew at Faro Airport and was forced to land at the Spanish airport instead.

The 157 passengers onboard were then forced to get on a bus to the Portuguese destination – taking five hours – although some passengers were unable to board.

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However, passengers were left fuming and slammed the airline for taking off when it wouldn’t have landed before the curfew.

One person wrote on social media: “Got on a @Ryanair flight to Faro and I’m in Malaga lads, you couldn’t make this up.”

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