Soulstice Launches Into Adventure Today

Twin Combo Hack-And-Slash Action 

It’s time to enter a dark fantasy world full of dark secrets and fast paced combat. Today Reply Games Studios and Modus Games are excited to announce the release of their action adventure game, Soulstice, on next-gen consoles and PC. A press release dives into the details about the game and its unique combat system. Additionally, the new launch trailer gives players a look at what they can expect from the game and its setting. 


Soulstice introduces players to sisters Briar and Lute. The two have been reborn as Chimera, hybrid warriors born of two souls. As a Chimera the sisters are the only ones who can stand against a world ending threat, The Wraiths. Importantly, Soulstice demands players fight the Wraiths as both sisters. Of course, this means that players will need to master the abilities of both characters to find success. Using different weapons, abilities, and customization points players will find a vast variety in how they can play Briar and Lute. You are never locked into one play style. Mastering the combat of the game is essential and though it may be a little strange at first, you’ll quickly get the hang of using both characters to their full potential. 

Of course, players can get a look at all the action in the new launch trailer for Soulstice. 

Soulstice is out today on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. More information is available on Soulstice’s website. Do you think your ready to take on the Wraiths and save the world? 


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