5 Unique Travel Ideas for Singaporeans Who’ve Already Been Everywhere

We all have that friend who struggles to decide where to go on holiday every few months because he’s already been virtually everywhere in the world. Heck, maybe we are that friend.So how do you pick your next holiday destination when you consider Paris and London boring, and have been to more countries than you can count?Here are five unique travel ideas for when you’re really out of inspiration: 1. Let a friend/ or tour agency pick your destination for youBack in 2017, there used to be a local start-up called Anywhr which plans holidays in surprise destinations for Singaporeans who’ve already been…

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Five Clever Travel Hacks To Save Money

With the cost of living skyrocketing, we’re all having to re-evaluate what we spend our money on, and all too often, travel and leisure activities don’t make the list of must-haves. If you are an avid traveller, try these clever tips to help you bring down travel costs and have some spare money to spend on fun activities once you reach your destination.  Swop locations and opt for self-catering Picture a girls’ weekend away to do shopping for a wedding, a milestone birthday or an important anniversary. Normally, people head to the big cities so that they have access to…

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