20 Soothing Gift Ideas to Support Loved Ones Grappling Anxiety

20 Soothing Gift Ideas to Support Loved Ones Grappling AnxietyWishing to help a loved one reduce the grind of daily stress, especially if they're someone who is grappling with anxiety symptoms, can be a poignant gift during the holiday season. But illustrating your support with a neatly wrapped bow isn't always easy — especially as the wellness industry often leans on marketing language that promises widespread relief near instantly for a whole range of anxiety issues. The key to finding a tangible gift that really shows your support is to zero in on a particular stress point in your loved…

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The Real Reason for Travel Anxiety

Source: mazHur But / flickr The airport is an unruly place. It’s opposite world. People who otherwise rarely move are seen sprinting to Cinnabon. High fashion is Birkenstocks and yoga pants. Happy hour starts at 7:00 am. Stepping over sleeping adults in fetal positions is expected. And all purchases are made within a 400% inflationary market. The Boarding Process: Humanity Has Left the Building In few other affairs is your life status so publicly displayed than during the airline boarding process. This is by design. Airlines publicly grade us by airport megaphone. It’s a grandstand to reward or humble customers…

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