Choose your own adventure with mac and cheese | Taste

I’m here as a macaroni-and-cheese lover, not a macaroni-and-cheese fighter. The title of the following recipe — “The Actual Best Macaroni and Cheese” — clearly indulges in hyperbole, for the actual best macaroni and cheese is, of course, made the way you like it most. In this celebration of gluten and dairy, everybody should be a winner.The love of macaroni and cheese has led me to experiment with different kinds of recipes, from the easy three-ingredient type incorporating evaporated milk, to those with the inclusion of eggs for a more custardy situation, to the likes of Balthazar’s macaroni gratin. Noodle…

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This Butter Spreading Hack May Have Changed My Life

If my time on TikTok has taught me anything, it’s that there are a lot of things I don’t know. Add to that list: the easiest way to spread butter.A hack on TikTok has been going viral for its easy method of serving up just the right amount of butter and making it easier to spread. It’s such a simple act but I can certainly say that once I saw it I questioned all my life decisions. So now let’s see if anyone else feels the same. The best hack for spreading butter So, according to a video posted by…

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