Tips for travelling with kids on planes

Self-described "Pilot Mom" Katrina Epp is sharing tips on travelling with children on planes. The former flight attendant and current pilot started a parenting travel hacks blog after a difficult flight with one of her sons. As summer vacations approach, Epp shared some of her tips on CTV's Your Morning Monday. Even before the ride to the airport, Epp says, preparation for children is important. She suggests building what she calls a "flight bag" together. "When this comes out, he knows it's time, and we fill it with some toys," Epp told CTV's Your Morning on…

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READ TO ME: Varied adventures await in 3 new picture books for kids

Among the thundering herd of new or recent picture books for children come three very different adventure stories to excite the imagination and inspire empathy."Finding Fire" by Logan S. Kline (Candlewick Press, Sept. 13), ages 4-8, 40 pages $18.99 hardcover.Wordless books are great solo entertainment for kids who can't yet read (see for instance "Stormy" by Guojing and David Wiesner's "Mr. Wuffles").Here, gorgeous, lovingly detailed and naturalistic cartoon drawings wordlessly convey an epic of young heroism. The only text is a prologue: "Long before the secrets of fire had been discovered, people had to find fire. And if they lost…

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Travel hack: Britons can save hundreds on holiday by using ‘sponges and a bucket’ | Travel News | Travel

Experts at shared the best - and most unusual - ways families can enjoy a holiday on a tight budget. They recommended holidaymakers always "visit a pet store" in a foreign country to save money, especially when travelling with children.Visit a pet storeThe travel experts said pet stores are "a great place to enjoy animals for free" as they often have fish, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds for sale as pets.They recommended: "Just explain to the children before you set off that you're only going to say hello, and they aren't returning home with you."Pick your own fruitFrom,…

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