Everything We Know About Dom and Letty’s Next Wild Ride

They're not pumping the brakes just yet. Fast X will be the second-to-last film in the blockbuster franchise, and Dominic Toretto's next adventure is set to be one of the biggest so far. "Just wait for 10," Vin Diesel, who plays Dom, said in a January 2021 interview with Entertainment Weekly. "Let's just say, the fact that you guys know that the studio is saying we can't cover all this ground that needs to be covered in just one movie, you can only imagine what is to come." The ninth installment, which was released in June 2021, found Dom going…

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I’m a hotel cleaner – the only thing you need to make a bedroom safe is a free towel

A CLEANER has revealed the hack he uses to make his room extra safe when staying in hotels. There are plenty of scary hotel stories that might put people off sleeping in them, as well as different devices available to increase security. 2Terence ties the towel around the door with a hair scrunchie to make it harder to openCredit: Tiktok/@terenceharrisqts For those who don't want to pay for a more secure night's sleep, they need only to look in their bathroom for extra peace of mind. Cleaner Terence Harris revealed how he adds extra security to his hotel room with…

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