Last-Minute Holiday Travel Hacks: How This Credit Card Expert Saves Money on Airfare

LightFieldStudios / Getty It’s amazing how airlines can offer such a wide range of prices for the exact same seat on different flights during the day.  The most expensive flight between two cities will often cost three times the price of the least expensive one on the same day. The least expensive tickets are typically those that depart in the early morning or late at night, when fewer people typically want to travel.  Frugal travelers will book these early or late flights, putting up with the inconvenience to save money. But recently, airlines have started offering more standby and same-day…

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You Can Ask to Move Flights On the Day

Changing your flights once booked can be a particularly arduous and expensive process. The pandemic has clearly brought that to everyone’s attention. In saying that, during a recent international trip of mine, I did come across a pretty useful truth that I don’t think many people are aware of.I was recently in Berlin for a work trip, and just before I began my long journey back home, I noticed that my connecting flights made zero sense.I was given a one-hour gap between two flights on an international trip, and the tickets weren’t connecting, meaning I had a tiny window of…

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