InterContinental Hotels Seeks to Dismiss Franchisee Lawsuit Over Cyberattack

InterContinental Hotels Group PLC is seeking to fend off claims from franchisees five months after a cyberattack that hotel owners say cost them money and disrupted business.Lawyers for IHG, which owns Holiday Inn, InterContinental Hotels and 16 other brands around the world, have asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by owners of franchised hotels, arguing their contracts prevent them from seeking damages. The cyberattack didn’t result in personal data being exposed and claims based on alleged failure to protect information shouldn’t apply, IHG’s lawyers said in court papers. IHG said on Sept. 6 that it detected unauthorized activity on…

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Cyberattack on InterContinental Hotels Disrupts Business at Franchisees

A cyberattack on InterContinental Hotels Group PLC disrupted business at franchisees this month, leaving a trail of angry customers, lost income and a class-action lawsuit.IHG, which has 17 brands of hotels located around the world, said on Sept. 6 that it detected unauthorized activity on its technology systems, leading to significant disruptions in booking and other systems. Hotel owners complain they received one email from IHG executives explaining that the attack would shut down online reservation systems. They say they can’t respond to angry and frustrated customers’ questions because IHG hasn’t shared any details on what data was exposed in…

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