Man reveals strange hotel ‘hack’ to keep belongings safer & room extra comfortable

A MAN has revealed a hotel "hack" that he claims can make his room safer and more comfortable. While hotel safes aren't always as secure as they're supposed to be, there are other methods people use to keep their belongings safe in their rooms. 2The hotel guest used his debit card to keep his lights and TV on while he was outCredit: TikTok/@burton.outdoors Tiktok user Burton Outdoors (@burton.outdoors) showed how he puts thieves off by making them think he's in his room, even when he isn't. Most hotels nowadays will need the room key to be put into a power…

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Check out (and check into) local hotels nominated as the Best in DFW

Hotels. Not only does a great one make any vacation better, but it’s also one of the new categories to debut in this year’s Best in DFW people’s choice program. Hotels proved to be a really popular addition with more than 300 nominations rolling in for this broad category alone. Within Hotels, we asked you to give shout-outs to the best places for staycations, the best hotel pools, the best concierge service, the best family-friendly accommodations, and the best hotel lobbies—as well as several other distinctions.We’re still busy working our way through the nominations in more than 340 subcategories (with…

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