Flight attendant says use a coat hanger on your door to stay safe in a hotel room

Cici is a seasoned flight attendant who travels internationally as a part of her job and uses social media to showcase her best tips on how to travel in a “safe, efficient and stress-free” way. Her recent travel hack has gone viral on Tiktok with over 2.4 million views and over 200,000 likes.Cici has recently explained the precautions she takes when staying at a new hotel, and has shared her hacks to ensure her audience feels safe while travelling. She learned the simple checks from people in the industry, and learned how to stay vigilant from her father.She explained: “My…

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Summer Safety Tips: 5 Things Parents Should Consider

With children out of school in the summertime, kids can have much more time on their hands—from family vacations to visiting relatives to summer camps and hanging with neighborhood kids, there can be an uptick of fun, and deviation from your family’s normal routine.  All of this extra free time in the summer means that parents often have to be even more vigilant when it comes to child safety and protection. This includes water safety, car seat safety when traveling and even stranger danger and internet safety for kids. Here are five summer safety tips to help parents keep their…

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