The Hands-free Travel Hack Flight Attendants Swear by Is on Sale for $16 During Cyber Week

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Allow me to set the scene: you’re racing through the airport, luggage and boarding pass in hand, struggling to keep your scalding coffee from spilling all over your belongings. When you’re taking a red-eye or simply got too little sleep the night before, that coffee is an essential, but it’s a messy one that can take up precious hand space. Thankfully, with the help of Riemot’s Luggage Travel Cup Holder, holding your beverage of choice becomes one less thing to worry about.

This Cyber Week there are still a wide range of killer deals available that you’re not going to want to miss out on. At the top of our list is this uber-functional travel cup holder, currently on sale for up to 47 percent off at Amazon. Conveniently strapping directly onto the handle of your luggage, this functional cup luggage hack allows anyone from flight attendants to frequent travelers the ability to enjoy their drink without occupying their hands. In fact, one flight attendant took to Amazon to call it “life-changing.”


TTo buy:, $16 (originally $30)

This cup holder is crafted with oxford cloth, making the fabric durable and easily washable. It’s fitted with elastic bands to stretch around suitcase handles of nearly any size, so you can enjoy not struggling to keep your items contained as you head off to make your flight. And whether you ordered a grande or a venti, the Reimot cup holder also offers a hook and loop system within each pocket to ensure drinks of any size stay put without spilling.

Freeing up even more space in your hands, the sleeve is also fitted with a wide back pocket which is perfect for storing your phone or boarding pass — just remember to always keep an eye on your valuables! Coming in 28 different colors and patterns, there’s sure to be an option that matches your personal style, especially if you want to match your travel accessories to your luggage.


To buy:, $16 (originally $30)

Getting a water bottle before any long flight is key for comfort, but you don’t have to worry about shoving it into your bag or wasting space in your hands. “These are great,” one customer wrote. “They fit both of my carry ons. Coffee and large waters. Two thumbs up for extra hands at the airport.”

Even if you don’t plan on taking a trip anytime soon, this cup holder is easily adaptable to function in a work setting as well. In fact, one shopper who said they often cart equipment around on the job noted, “This caddy has been great.” they said, adding “It holds both items securely while my phone can go in the rear pocket. I have yet to use it with luggage, but so far I love it for toting my beverages while at work!”

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Not everybody can be a travel minimalist, but one customer shared just how much their Riemot cup holder could carry. “The main pocket is deep enough for a book or tablet and the material inside is soft enough that I would be comfortable putting a screen inside without scratching. The back pocket is [the] perfect size for a phone or passport.” They also mentioned that it can accommodate both 32-ounce and 20-ounce water bottles “with ease,” and “everything felt very secure when I was rolling my suitcase around.”

There’s no reason to add the undue stress of carrying too many items to your already chaotic travels, and at 47 percent off you can’t go wrong with snagging this staple accessory from Amazon while it’s still on sale. Whether you need an extra set of hands to hold your coffee, water bottle, tablet, or phone, Rienot’s Luggage Travel Cup Holder makes for the perfect assistant.

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