This Hotel Room Hack Is a Lifesaver If You Always Forget Your Phone Charging Block at Home

Talk about being resourceful.

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It can be one of the worst nightmares for any weary-eyed traveler: checking into your hotel room, going to plug in your phone charger before bed, and realizing you left the charging block at home or a previous destination.

Thankfully, there’s probably a hidden spot in your hotel room where your USB cord can plug into — the TV.

In a recent Instagram video, all about hotel room hacks, content creator Armen Adamjan shows that most new TVs now have USB ports on the back for device connectivity, which can then be used to charge up your devices once plugged in.

The video clip is also filled with other hotel room hacks — such as taking out the ironing board if you’re looking for extra surface area or desk space — to make sure your stay is seamless and stress free,

For travelers who have faced the annoyance of leaky liquid bottles in their travel kit, Adamjan demonstrates how you can first cover the hole with a plastic wrap, and then tighten the lid over the plastic, which creates an extra barrier and tension to prevent leaking. He also makes a makeshift toothbrush holder by flipping a paper cup upside down and sticking the toothbrush into it.

The content creator has amassed over 3.5 million followers with his high-energy videos solving problems such as “How to Clean Shoes With A Potato” or “How to Make Almond Milk”.

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