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Fitting everything you need for your holiday into a suitcase can be taxing, especially if you’re trying to fit everything into your hand luggage. A TikTok user shared her top hack for getting as much in your case as possible – it’s “literally incredible”.

TikTok user and travel enthusiast Niya Esperanza took to the social media platform to share her suitcase packing hack.

She stated: “I do not know how this works, I do not know the physics behind it, it melts my brain every single time and every single time I show it to people they are like, ‘No way, this is literally incredible’.”

This packing trick works for travellers who are trying to fit a lot of items into a small suitcase.

The first thing Niya told holidaymakers to do is find a big piece of clothing they want to bring, such as a sweatshirt or jumper, and place it inside the suitcase.

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She then told them to place all of their other clothing items on top of this larger item.

She explained that they should lay the other items flat and unfolded “like it is being ironed”.

Next, take the bottom item and fold it over, encasing the rest of the flat clothes.

This will leave some space on one side of the case to place other small items such as socks, underwear, T-shirts and shorts.


The packing hack was a hit on TikTok, with over 114,000 users liking the video so far.

It has also amassed over 21,000 saves, likely ahead of some TikTok users’ next holidays.

Some were in agreement with the savvy packing idea. @thebaelons said: “I actually do this but lay it all flat out in a clockwise pattern and then fold it all on in on itself. IT WORKS!!!!”

However, others were less than impressed and instead suggested that investing in packing cubes or rolling individual items works better.

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She explained that travellers should roll their clothes as tight as they can, starting with the bulkiest items such as dresses and jeans.

The remaining space in the case can be filled with smaller items such as T-shirts and material shorts.

Once this is done, fold the items you don’t want to roll and lay them flat on top.

This video has amassed over 1,000 saves and almost 12,000 likes. TikTok user @1998elyse said: “I indefinitely will be trying because I have way more stuff on my way back than I did coming here.”

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