Travel expert reveals very strange packing hack when travelling with hand luggage – but people love it

A TRAVEL expert has revealed a strange packing tip that will save space in suitcases and stop you losing expensive items.

When travelling with only hand luggage it’s important to make the most of the limited space available in your bag.

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Samantha Brown uses cotton balls to save space on packing perfumeCredit: Instagram/samanthabrowntravels

Travel show host Samantha Brown has revealed one method she uses to take perfume away with her, without taking her expensive bottles in her bag.

Samantha’s method also ensures that travellers have exactly the right amount they need for their trip.

Speaking on the Today Show with Hoda and Jenna on NBC, she revealed how she uses cotton balls to transport her scents.

She said: “I love a day scent and I love a night scent. This is how you do it.

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Man reveals cheap packing hack when flying with hand luggage and people love it

“You saturate little cotton balls – individual little cotton balls.”

After filling several cotton balls with her perfume, she puts them in small airtight bags, one for each scent, where they retain both the moisture and the scent.

She then simply dabs herself with one of the balls whenever she wants to use her fragrance.

Samantha said that taking the air out of the small bags she transports them in was very important for keeping the moisture in the cotton.

However, there’s a method she can use to restore the moisture if they dry out.

She continued: “You have to seal out all that air because the air’s going to dry out all that alcohol.

“If it dries out, just wet it a little bit with water and you can use it again.”

Samantha shared the video on her Instagram page where it’s been viewed more than 58,000 times, and people were impressed with her method.

One wrote: “Cotton ball trick BRAVO def using that one.”

Another said: “Wow! The cotton ball for fragrance! I didn’t know this tip.”

A third added: “The perfumed cotton buds are going to change my life!”

The cotton ball tip isn’t the only way to take perfume on holiday while leaving your bottle at home.

There is an item that lets you take your favourite fragrances with you, while leaving the bottle safe at home, and it only costs £2.

The 5ML refillable perfume atomiser means you can take a small amount of perfume with you – enough for a spritz for each night of your holiday – without the worry of losing the whole bottle.

The small capsule is easy to fill up too. Simply take the cap off your perfume bottle, insert the nozzle into the bottom of the atomiser and spray repeatedly until it’s full.

The leak-proof design prevents it from spilling out into the rest of your hand luggage and means you won’t have to worry about being left without your favourite scent.

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Anyone looking to save more money on fragrances for their holidays can find some affordable duplicates on the high street.

Here’s how much liquid you’re allowed to take in your hand luggage with you.

Travel show host Samantha Brown has lots of interesting packing hacks


Travel show host Samantha Brown has lots of interesting packing hacksCredit: Instagram/samanthabrowntravels

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