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Experts at shared the best – and most unusual – ways families can enjoy a holiday on a tight budget. They recommended holidaymakers always “visit a pet store” in a foreign country to save money, especially when travelling with children.

Visit a pet store

The travel experts said pet stores are “a great place to enjoy animals for free” as they often have fish, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds for sale as pets.

They recommended: “Just explain to the children before you set off that you’re only going to say hello, and they aren’t returning home with you.”

Pick your own fruit

From, they advised travellers to pick their own strawberries and raspberries when feeling peckish.

They explained: “For just a few quid, you can take the whole family and have fun finding the largest, juiciest fruit, and you’ll get to take it all home too for more fun making homemade jam.”

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Swap homes

Another great way to save hundreds of pounds is by swapping homes as both families get a change of scenery and “the only cost to you will be getting there”.

The experts advised: “If you know people who live close to the coast or deep in the rolling countryside, suggest a house swap for a few days.”

Have a water fight

A water fight is also a great idea to have a fun time when travelling abroad with children without spending any money.

“You don’t even need water pistols to do it. A couple of sponges and a bucket will be just as fun,” the travel experts explained.


Avoid dinner time at restaurants

Restaurants are probably one of the most expensive parts of travelling abroad, especially when going on holiday as a family. On top of that, most places hike their prices for dinner.

The experts suggested “grabbing yourself a lunchtime booking to save money if you want to eat out and look out for deals too”.

Alternatively, some restaurants let children eat at certain times of the day at bargain prices so it is worth asking around to find the best offers.

Make good use of free attractions

Every city has free attractions and holidaymakers should always Google “Free things to do in…” and insert the location before heading to their destination.

The experts said: “You’ll be surprised at the number of galleries, museums and cathedrals that won’t charge an admission fee.”

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Visit public spaces

There are a lot of beautiful beaches, lovely parks and breathtaking landscapes to explore in every country that won’t cost a penny. Travellers can always bring their own food and organise a picnic to save more money.

Camp in your garden

Britons can always borrow tents and sleeping bags from a friend and set the kids up in the garden for the night.

“It will be a massive adventure for them, and you’ll still have your toilets and shower to enjoy as a bonus,” the experts said.

Play outdoor games

Everyone knows spending time outdoors is free but it can even be more entertaining if holidaymakers organise hours of fun outside in the fresh air playing games.

From, they suggested: “Get friends, family and neighbours involved for maximum fun.”

David Beard, a personal finance expert at, said: “For many families, the holidays can wind up costing a small fortune, but with a bit of planning, you can pack the holidays full of family-friendly fun things to do that won’t cost a penny.

“You don’t need to spend money to create core memories the kids will treasure for years to come. Most children cherish quality time with their parents over expensive theme parks and attractions.

“You might feel guilty that you can’t afford to take them abroad and splash out, but ultimately spending time with your kids will mean much more to them”.

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