Want A Larger Hotel Room For Free? Try This Simple Hack

Finding ways to upgrade your travel experience without breaking the bank takes skill and knowledge to master. Most travelers look forward to getting the most out of a vacation and that includes lodging arrangements.

The idea of a surprise upgrade is rarely undesirable, but travel favor typically goes to those who know how to get the best deal. Paying for premium hotel stays is always an option for the luxury traveler, however, who wants to do that when you’ve got other options to consider?

A simple way to guarantee an upgraded experience without the added costs? Ask for a corner room.

Photo Credit: Olexandr Ignatov

Photo Credit: Olexandr Ignatov

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The standard structure of most hotel layouts gives corner rooms more square footage and windows, according to Daily Mail. While not always the case, corner rooms tend to be larger which means a nicer room for you without actually paying for one.

Aside from the obvious, requesting a corner room is a softer (and more feasible) ask than inquiring about a free upgrade. As long as the hotel isn’t overbooked, your request should be granted.

A Bonus Hack If All Else Fails

If the hotel can’t honor your corner room request, try asking for a room on a higher floor.

The experts at hotels.com say suites and premium rooms tend to be located on the higher floors of a hotel, so the odds may be in your favor.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll land in the presidential suite, of course, but getting close isn’t a bad deal, especially if you don’t have to pay extra.

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