Why ‘money-saving hacks’ and sustainable travel are dominating 2024 holiday trends

One of the biggest reasons that the coronavirus pandemic hit the world so hard was the travel restrictions, as catching a flight for work, unwinding on the beach with friends or visiting long-distance family in another city are all crucial parts of day-to-day life. 

It led to people booking more holidays than ever post-pandemic, but coupling a packed holiday schedule with the crippling cost of living crisis is not a recipe for success when it comes to your savings account. That’s why money-saving hacks are one of the biggest trends sweeping across the travel industry in 2024. 

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Affordable luxury is set to be very big in 2024

According to Nicky Kelvin, Editor at Large at The Points Guy, they’re not the only trend that’s set to stay. See everything you need to know about the hottest 2024 holiday destinations, both in the UK and abroad, and why affordable luxury and sustainability are the way forward…

“Brits are opting for more money-saving hacks. As we start to travel again, it’s important to remember the lessons we learned during lockdown. Let’s not take our freedom to explore for granted,” explained Nicky as he looked back at the “end of the revenge travel rush” post-pandemic and the ongoing inflation.

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The pandemic and the cost of living crisis have had an impact on the travel industry

“The emphasis is now on ‘value for money’, with travellers looking for experiences that offer the best bang for their buck,” he continued, before citing the TPG Trends Report. This may mean combining business with leisure, nicknamed “bleisure”, and extending your work trip to explore a new city, or looking closer to home. 

“As we continue to navigate the current cost-of-living crisis, we are finding that some Brits are making the decision to stay within the UK. Some people are deciding to be more innovative with their travel expenses meaning that staycations are definitely trending this year,” said Nicky.

But for those who are booking more far-flung destinations, many of them are driven by concerts, festivals and other major events such as the Olympics. Take a look at the trending travel destinations in 2024…

Hottest travel destinations in 2024


Paris is taking centre stage as the host of the Summer Olympics, which is driving hotels to charge premium rates in July. The opening ceremony will unfold along the Seine River in the heart of Paris, while other notable venues include the grandiose equestrian grounds, various stadiums across the country, and even a unique location for the surfing competition. 

Beyond the Olympics, the designation in Strasbourg is UNESCO’s World Book Capital for 2024 and Normandy’s commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings in June.


The magnificent Salar de Uyuni, a vast salt pan of desert-like cracked earth punctuated by cactus-covered rock piles, draws visitors from around the globe to Bolivia every year. Until recently, the area lacked high-end accommodations, but in 2022, Explora unveiled an intimate six-room mountain lodge set in a slick glass-fronted building with snug wood-lined rooms overlooking the flats.  


Queensland’s once-gritty environs like Howard Smith Wharves have been revitalised with trendy bars and restaurants, and one of the biggest redevelopments is still on the horizon for Brisbane. The state has also already invested AU$7 million (more than £3,620,000) in the Growing Indigenous Tourism in Queensland Fund. 

Another big factor that plays on people’s minds when choosing their holidays is sustainability. Conscious tourism has been on the rise in recent years, with more people taking into account the environmental implications of travel, which is why Nicky said: “Sustainability is becoming a new standard in the travel industry.”

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Nicky explained that sustainability continues to be a big factor in people’s holiday plans

He continued: “Travellers are increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint and are seeking responsible travel options that reduce environmental impact and support local communities. Despite economic influences, sustainability is considered more of a lifestyle than a passing trend in the travel industry.”

Are sustainable staycations next on your travel bucket list?

Nicky Kelvin, Editor at Large at The Points Guy, is speaking on the Travel Stage at Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show on Saturday February, sharing his latest tips and advice on how to fly first class for (almost) free.

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