Woman shows the lazy-girl hack she learned in the tanning salon for applying lotion but everyone’s saying the same thing

SELF care is important for all of us.

Particularly at this time of year a lot of us are focusing on taking care of ourselves.

Ginny uses a spray bottle to apply her lotion


Ginny uses a spray bottle to apply her lotionCredit: TikTok/@luvtht4us
Ginny adds oil to her spray bottle


Ginny adds oil to her spray bottleCredit: TikTok/@luvtht4us

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a shortcut every now and then.

One woman has shared her cheat method for applying lotion but viewers are convinced the hack comes with its own consequences.

Ginny is a travel influencer online.

She describes herself as a ‘material girl’ and ‘ digital nomad’.

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In a video online Ginny said:” Hack for lazy girlies who hate putting on lotion.” 

She said: “Listen up if you hate putting on lotion this is gonna be your solution.”

Before showing her hack Ginny confessed the baby oil she bought arrived smaller than she expected.

Ginny said: “This is a continuous spray bottle”

She then showed how the spray bottle worked with water, the spray bottle creates a mist.

Ginny said: “The spray tan girlies put me onto this.”

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She said: “So what I do is just fill it with baby oil so they you just spray.”

Ginny’s video gained over 500,000 views.

But viewers were all saying the same thing. 

Although the hack was quicker it would mean getting oil all over the bathroom floor.

One commenter said: “Just be careful that you don’t slip! There will probably be a bunch of oil on your floor after doing this.”

A second commenter: “All I can picture is baby oil mist going everywhere.”

Another commenter said: “Now the whole bathroom floor is covered in baby oil.”

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Many commenters suggested the travel influencer should use different products for softer skin.

One commenter said: Use sweet almond oil. Baby oil it’s not good

Ginny applies the oil on her arm using the spray bottle


Ginny applies the oil on her arm using the spray bottleCredit: TikTok/@luvtht4us

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