World Soccer Talk launches European Soccer Travel Guide

European Soccer Travel Guide

World Soccer Talk®’s new European Soccer Travel Guide eBook is the perfect tool American fans need for their adventures. Whether that be a weekend trip to England or ticking off the cathedrals of the sport in Europe.

The beauty of this new publication is that it shows you how it is possible. There should not be a preexisting notion that trips to Europe are too expensive. Yes, airfares can certainly be a driving factor away from one of these trips. At the same time, if you are going that far away from the United States, so you may as well spend more time out there. Consequently, that only raises the price.

These are all legitimate reasons for hesitation to travel.

That being said, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to travel over to Europe to watch the greatest players in the sport. The European Soccer Travel Guide helps you plan out the best way to save money on a trip that you can bring back home and talk about for years.

European Soccer Travel Guide

Using research as well as first-hand experience, the writers of this eBook know that there is a lot to account for when it comes to planning out a trip of this magnitude. In fact, Christopher Harris, one of the co-authors of this eBook, details how he took a week to visit some of the most famous stadiums in England to watch the beautiful game.

In downloading this eBook, you can learn the best times to fly over to Europe. Fortunately, those cheap times overlap with the soccer season. English Premier League fans can check out fan bases in the United States. There, you can work to secure tickets to more elusive fixtures in the EPL calendar. Finally, you can read about the easiest ways to get around. In the United States, that is definitely car travel. Trains, as you can learn, are far more common and useful in Europe.

Discover that and much more in World Soccer Talk’s latest eBook, the European Soccer Travel Guide.

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